Friday, December 31, 2010

Make money from home for free at PickJack

PickJack is a site of question and answer portion for all. It is fun and challenging at the same time. Although as time goes by, it does not get that exciting anymore. When I first joined this site, it was really awesome, cashing out is at the tip of your fingers, meaning very easy to reach. Till now it is still paying its members.

Sure, they are! who would dare not to pay such a measly $0.02 for a minimum payout right? But the thing is they have changed their system and sad to say my friends, I gave up on this site. You heard me right, not because it is a scam, Pick Jack is a legitimate site, it pays well since it is just .02 cents to cashout.

But for me, I value time. The site that pays me more is my priority at the moment. Besides, you need to answer 20 questions first before you can post your question. Unlike before you can post your questions right away. And that's what you are getting paid, for every questions that you post and for how many people participate on your question. Anyway, it is up for you to decide. If you continue your way to earn on Pick Jack, I'm happy for you.

Unfortunately this website is no longer paying, about other sites paying for forum posting you can find from this lens.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Get paid to post on ScavengerCash forums

Scavenger cash is a new paid to post site that offers a minimum threshold of $5. It pays via Paypal only and it is just easy to reach the minimum payout because you only need 50 letters for your post to be counted and every post counts as 2.5 cents. There are two sections in this site, the paid and the non paid section. If you wanted to reach the payout soon, be sure you are posting on the right section , which is the paid section. This site still needs more improvement since I can't interact much on other members.

The topics are still limited and still needs to add more so that members can participate to different genres and topics. The moderators are doing their best to eliminate spammers and plagiarism. They ban members who are doing such abuse to the site. They also are good in eliminating redundant topics on the forums. I can still suggest this site to all my friends who wanted to earn extra dough online. If you wanted to join just click the banner on top and join me there. Scavenger Cash also offer Gold membership and soon to come Contests that they will offer to their members.

I still haven't invested yet, I still need more time to prove the site is worth it. But you can try it if you want. After all, this site is still legitimate. Just don't forget to include my name as your referrer(Earn-a-lot4u)if the link above does not show the referrers name once you join in.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How to make money with Global Domains International (GDI)

What is your Opinion on GDI (Global Domains International)

Most people would be asking if it is a scam or not, but to tell you folks some idea, it is still paying its members. But, there is a condition to this one. If you are wise and going to spend something to invest in such a program, think first before you let go of something even if it is just a mere amount. I have been invited a lot of times by my friends about GDI. So i told them, let me do some research first and see if I could join you guys. Well the first thing I did was to search on Google about this one. I have found a lot of interesting topics and into forums where they discuss about this site.

Some says it is good since they get the investment they have. Well, good for them since they knew a person who's going to invest money just like them. But how about people who is poor in referring members that if they hear you speak about "PAYING", they got allergic to it and just simply say "NO". This is true. To my observation, a person specially a newbie who does not have enough earnings yet may not be able to invest. Global Domain is a site that offers a product none other than their site, free for 7 days only if you like ,you can proceed and invest from them. What?? did I hear it right? Yes, because they are selling a domain for $10. If you would study it further more, most people who owns their own domain, would be more interested to pay less than $10 to host their site.

GDI does the same with the offer of hosting, but it is much more expensive. And you don't have much control about your own domain if you purchase from them. Now, let me explain further more, they also offer instruction CDs DVDs and for what? for an amount $162, too much for me. Maybe if I reside in US, or to where shipping is free, i will in no doubt get it. But if I am going to be charge for that, sorry, I would not buy it. Global Domains International offers to pay you $1 per person you get undel 5 levels and they have a bonus of $100 if you were able to recruit 5 new members under you, of course they will also invest $10 just like you. Think of this, if let's say you are going to shoulder that $50, you get $100 back right? fair enough, but, theres a BIGGG but, don't forget that $162 for the DVDs as included.

Now that's where you will get sour. I don't know why they offer such a big amount, where in some sites only offer $2 for hosting a Domain. You cant even design your site to the grandest if you select GDI. So what will be the edge here, recruiting people only. Hhhmmmm, well it is your choice if you were to ask me. If you think people will join under you and easily pay more than that amount I have said, then go for it, I have nothing against it at all. Maybe that system works for you, but It will never work for me. I have nothing against GDI, this is just my personal opinion too and I am entitled to say it.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Learn how to make money for free at Mylot

All I can say is that this site is the very first site I was paid and this started my venture of getting to know more about money making schemes online. It is not a get rich quick program. You will be paid by participating on every discussions and you can post your own topic as well. I may not tell you in details about its do's and dont's in the forum. If you are interested then just come and visit the site and see it for yourself. They pay via Paypal and you can select the settings if you wanted to aim for higher amount of threshold. But the minimum payout is $10. They pay on or before 15th of next month. For example your work for the whole month of June, will be paid on or before next month of July. And Mylot has been constant in paying it's members. It has been a steady and on going site for years and you can depend on it. However I hope the Admin has got to do something about the trolls spreading and destroying the image of the site.
Here's a sample payment : Click to view bigger

Now For the Tips On How to Earn More in Mylot

1. Dedication - Time is important. Better to devote more time if you really are serious on getting paid on a monthly basis. Don't just take the word of members who says, i don't earn from Mylot monthly, the site pays too little. It will never grow when you give up early. No one will ever see tree to bear fruit over 24 hours. Patience is a virtue. Even if you earn a little for a day, as long as it is everyday, you gather that small amount and it will be big before you know it.
2. Participate on Discussions - Mylot already told us about this. The more you participate, not a spam ok, it has to be a good conversation posted so that you will be credited. Construct 4 to 5 sentences and it will be just fine. One liner will always be deleted.
3. Post your own topic - This concerns me a lot. I have caught such a member who keeps on posting topics that he copy pasted from another forum and social website. We already know that plagiarism is a crime, so please, drop the idea of doing such because you will be caught red handed. If not by Mylot Admin, it will be the members who would see report you from doing such. Again going back to the topic of posting your own topic, be sure that it will be interesting, not limited such as all International members would be able to participate. A good topic can be every thing, but not redundant or someone already posted it. Research if the topic has been posted already, since you will surely have divided respondents to answer your post. Always put a picture with regards to your topic, this is also an added bonus point for you.
4. Reply back to respondentsYou posted a topic, so be able to handle it well by conversing or interacting to members. Give your Best Response to those who really deserve. But please, give more time or days for other members to answer. If you selected already your Best Response after 3 hours time only, then others will no longer be interested to join. Give at least one week before you give out who is the best answer for your topic.
5. Give Mylot Task a TryNow this was for added bonus. If you are sure you can manage to write an article, or sign up or do whatever the Task Master wants, then it will be added to your account. Although before I used to participate on such Task. Now I cannot since most tasks given were not for me. But this is good for newbie, so make it a point to participate.
6. Invite a friend to Join youThis will be your referral. It will be additional credit to you once they sign up and participate. You will be given a portion of what they earn. So the more friends who are actively participating on Mylot, the better your chances to reach the payout sooner.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Make money by listening to music at

Slice the pie is a site that pays you to review every song you hear on promising bands and artists. The site pays even International members but I don't know now if they have changed their rule since most members from UK and other European countries earn more here. At first I was skeptical, until I signed up to give the site a try. I was able to review song after song after song. You need to understand that you have to give a fair judgment on each band or performers. This will help them improve and craft their skills to bring their very best. It will be just so tiring to hear every different genres of songs. The creepiest thing I don't like to hear are shouts and moans or catching breaths of artists. You need to totally spread your ratings to make it balance. Others say that you need to rate them from 4-7 and not more than 10, but i wonder how can I totally spread my rate if I dont give 1's or 10's? My problem starts on how can i reach a two level stars to earn real money. When you are a newbie you are a one star scout, and you will get to have v 0.10 (vouchers) which means this is entitled for you to buy shares or invest on an artist at low rate of 5GBP or equivalent value of v5.00(voucher). I was on 100 plus reviews on track till i got two stars and i earned only 0.57 pense then it went back again to pathetic one star rate.
Somebody told me that the ratings were suppose tobe like this, when a scout does 15 reviews of tracks for 30minutes, the earning (assuming only) would be like this:

1 star scout = 45p
2 star scout = 75p
3 star scout = 1.05GBP
4 star scout = 1.35GBP
5 star scout = 1.80GBP

But they did changed the ratings now, and if a newbie wants to earn real money, it would take time. Most of it they give only vouchers to support artists. But you gain nothing from there, since if you invested, you will only get a small portion of what the artist earns when they make it to the top of course. I find STP boring so I totally stopped reviewing songs. Even if I get an accuracy of 90% and reviewed 200 tracks, the rate is still flat. Now here is the ttricky part, when i came backto their site, you know what happened? My eyes popped out to see that they changed their ratings. Here is what they have changed, as I slipped down my chair trying to think if it was a nightmare. Here is the new rules applied:

24/7 scouting room
1 star scout = v0.04
2 star scout = v0.05
3 star scout = .05p
4 star scout = .07p
5 star scout = .10p

While on Bebo room (which will be open soon byDecember , the rate was this )

1 star scout = v0.10
2 star scout = 0.03p
3 star scout = 0.05p
4 star scout = 0.07p
5 star scout = 0.10p

I guess this is still good for those who already earned money, but as for newbie, I don't think I will try my luck. I would rather review a product than to review songs I cannot and all they can give is vouchers, not real money. It's all up to you if you want to join this site.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Earn money with Mylot - My 5th Payment Proof

mylot logo
I got my 5th payment from Mylot. For me this is the best site if you are serious about Paid to Post sites. I do have other PTP sites too, but I will always stick to Mylot because they have been constant in paying their members via Paypal.

I started my venture in Mylot last month of February. And even if I am now busy with my work online, I still do make it a point to stop by and pay a visit to Mylot because this is the only site I see that has been a news maker to me. It has been my regular doze of knowledge and gather tips from fellow friends and mylotters who share their experience on other Sites, even most people post for personal problems, I still try and read what other members reply as an answer.

If you want to pass by time and share your information and opinions, then Mylot is for you. Hard work, patience and being stubborn is needed in order for you to like Mylot. Why? because this site is not a Get-Rich Quick Scheme. They pay small amount of cent per quality post you make. I do am sure a lot of people have left the site thinking that there is a much more greener pasture on the other side.

But if you try to look at it in a different angle, I can say that Mylot has a lot more benefit than that. So that is why, I am still active there, and even if I will not be able to reach the monthly payout of $10.00, i would still continue being an active member there. here is my latest payment proof fresh from the grill 

mylot 5th payment

Get paid to complete freelance jobs at is a site that gives a particular task that is both easy to do and you will enjoy it since you will earn too. It is like hitting two birds in one stone. You get to sign up for offers and then you will also enjoy the sites that some members are giving there. Although most sites that is for sign ups are alreay been familiar to me, so i do skip those tasks. But if you are good in writing an article or a review, this one will also be a good paying job for you. You also gain something if you refer a friend. But then it can only be credited to you, once they reach up $20+.
The minimum payout is $9. They pay via Paypal, Moneybookers and by Cheque. Once you request for a payout, you need to wait for 10-15 working days for that money to be processed. But if you selected to be paid by cheque, then you need to wait 20 days depending on mail service and location that you are in.
The site has more than 15 available jobs. You can accept of decline such job. Just check in "Tasks I finished" button once you finish an accepted task. You can also advertise a site you want and you will pay for such task for members to do. So why no try it today and see if you will be able to earn extra money. If you want to join, just click on the banner on Microworkers on top. Just be sure you have a Paypal account before you sign up on this site.

Please take note that you cannot start anything on making money online without signing in your own Paypal account or Alert pay account. Paypal and Alertpay are the two most used payment scheme so that you will receive the money you earned online and then transfer it to your bank account. What you need is a credit or a debit card. But most sites these days are preferring a verified account so first step is this:
1. Sign up your own Paypal account or Alert Pay account. You can click the banner given below to sign up and complete the registration.

Step 2. Once you have an account on both Alert Pay and Paypal, you need to sign up on any of the sites i highly recommend, specially the ones that i have been paid and to where I posted my payment proof. Don't be afraid to sign up on both Paypal and Alert Pay, your account is safe and secured with them. A lot of users have been using this for so long, and as for my own experience, never did I get a problem.

Step 3. Paypal will charge you an amount of $1.95, almost $2 to verify that your bank is existing. Don't worry, that amount will be reimburse back to you. Unlike in Alert Pay they don't charge anything, you just need to wait for it to be verified.

Step 4. Check the scam sites also on my blog so that you are aware which sites will you avoid joining so that your effort will not be wasted. Enjoy earning online. Invite more of your friends to come and join under you since you will also gain something for referrals.

If you have any questions on signing up of any of the two said payment mode, just leave a comment on my post.