Friday, December 31, 2010

Make money from home for free at PickJack

PickJack is a site of question and answer portion for all. It is fun and challenging at the same time. Although as time goes by, it does not get that exciting anymore. When I first joined this site, it was really awesome, cashing out is at the tip of your fingers, meaning very easy to reach. Till now it is still paying its members.

Sure, they are! who would dare not to pay such a measly $0.02 for a minimum payout right? But the thing is they have changed their system and sad to say my friends, I gave up on this site. You heard me right, not because it is a scam, Pick Jack is a legitimate site, it pays well since it is just .02 cents to cashout.

But for me, I value time. The site that pays me more is my priority at the moment. Besides, you need to answer 20 questions first before you can post your question. Unlike before you can post your questions right away. And that's what you are getting paid, for every questions that you post and for how many people participate on your question. Anyway, it is up for you to decide. If you continue your way to earn on Pick Jack, I'm happy for you.

Unfortunately this website is no longer paying, about other sites paying for forum posting you can find from this lens.