Sunday, December 19, 2010

Get paid to complete freelance jobs at is a site that gives a particular task that is both easy to do and you will enjoy it since you will earn too. It is like hitting two birds in one stone. You get to sign up for offers and then you will also enjoy the sites that some members are giving there. Although most sites that is for sign ups are alreay been familiar to me, so i do skip those tasks. But if you are good in writing an article or a review, this one will also be a good paying job for you. You also gain something if you refer a friend. But then it can only be credited to you, once they reach up $20+.
The minimum payout is $9. They pay via Paypal, Moneybookers and by Cheque. Once you request for a payout, you need to wait for 10-15 working days for that money to be processed. But if you selected to be paid by cheque, then you need to wait 20 days depending on mail service and location that you are in.
The site has more than 15 available jobs. You can accept of decline such job. Just check in "Tasks I finished" button once you finish an accepted task. You can also advertise a site you want and you will pay for such task for members to do. So why no try it today and see if you will be able to earn extra money. If you want to join, just click on the banner on Microworkers on top. Just be sure you have a Paypal account before you sign up on this site.

Please take note that you cannot start anything on making money online without signing in your own Paypal account or Alert pay account. Paypal and Alertpay are the two most used payment scheme so that you will receive the money you earned online and then transfer it to your bank account. What you need is a credit or a debit card. But most sites these days are preferring a verified account so first step is this:
1. Sign up your own Paypal account or Alert Pay account. You can click the banner given below to sign up and complete the registration.

Step 2. Once you have an account on both Alert Pay and Paypal, you need to sign up on any of the sites i highly recommend, specially the ones that i have been paid and to where I posted my payment proof. Don't be afraid to sign up on both Paypal and Alert Pay, your account is safe and secured with them. A lot of users have been using this for so long, and as for my own experience, never did I get a problem.

Step 3. Paypal will charge you an amount of $1.95, almost $2 to verify that your bank is existing. Don't worry, that amount will be reimburse back to you. Unlike in Alert Pay they don't charge anything, you just need to wait for it to be verified.

Step 4. Check the scam sites also on my blog so that you are aware which sites will you avoid joining so that your effort will not be wasted. Enjoy earning online. Invite more of your friends to come and join under you since you will also gain something for referrals.

If you have any questions on signing up of any of the two said payment mode, just leave a comment on my post.